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Since I’am not all the good with explaining things I have created this FAQ guide so that everyone new can better understand the many ideas about this newly and still developing story Celestial Ring ^^.

-What is this story's content? Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy. Rated +13
-What is Celestial ring about?
Well there is much into development about this story but here is what I can tell you! Celestial Ring is a story about our Solar System and everything that roams in it. It is about our Star the Sun, our planets like Mercury, Venus and Earth and the many moons that each known planet obtains. The characters that are featured in this story all represent each known planets and Moons. They are the rulers, leaders, masters, owners of their lands. The Main ruler or King over just about everything is none other than the Sun… and most of the planets including dwarfs are his Guardian’s. Yet there is a huge separation amongst them and that is being caused by the wrath of Jupiter trying to over throw and destroy the Sun. From this has caused the Sun to create a barrier between Mars and Jupiter, stopping him from entering the inner system and ceasing his assault towards the Sun and the inner planets. For many MANY years this barrier has blocked all of the outer planets from crossing through to the inner planets, leaving the interaction between them dire. Mostly for the likes of Earth…Who in this story strongly wishes to venture off into the outskirts of the of the asteroids belt to visit her neighbor planets someday ^^ that’s all I got xD
-What’s the meaning of the solar system in this story?
In this story, the Solar System is just the same as the actual meaning of it. Its property of the Sun ^^
-Is this story being taking place on Earth?
No. Each character has their own natural home environment associated to their names, including the many moons. Yet on most occasions the Moons are required to also live on their master’s planets.
- How many total of Stars, planets and dwarf characters are there in this story?
There is 1 Star, 4 inner terrestrial planets, 4 outer Jovian planets, 5 known Dwarfs, 24 main moons.
-How do they travel around?
In this story each character as the ability to fly through space. It may take them time to get to their destination, but that’s how most of them travels. Some Planets, like say Saturn uses space crafts and vehicles to travel.
-How can you determine the characters ages?
This is something that I have yet to label each of the characters under. They really don’t have an age, but by the looks of them you can decide for yourself what age they are. To try and make more sense…The characters are their planets…But All I can tell you is that the Sun is the oldest one by 4.5 billion years of age xD
-What are the asteroids/ comets/meteors? In this story outer space asteroids, meteors, particles, comets etc. are all consider as fiends or bandits (monsters of space). These creatures are considered extremely dangerous and in most cases harmful to Terrestrial planets like Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus. They often come in groups of large or small packs. Their estimate sizes are unknown for they can be as small as a marble to as large as a planet. Jovian planets, or "gas" planets can also become threaten by these creatures, but won’t take as much damage. Yet there are some Asteroids that can be captured by planets and in most cases made to serve under them.
-What are the Moon’s roles in this story? They are warriors to their fellow ruler planets and were meant to protect their master’s atmosphere from intruders or masters of outer space, such as comets and meteors. The guardian’s role can also range into other duties under their planets commands and conditions. Yet there are some Guardian’s/moons who does not obey their master’s commands, and those types are normally captured asteroids.
- Explain the Dwarfs roles? Most of the Dwarfs role in this story are being guardians and protectors to the Asteroids and Kupiter’s belt. They are all strong warriors chosen by the Sun to hold these barriers together and to make sure no threats comes into the Sun’s territory.
-What is the asteroids belt? In this story the asteroids belt was created by the Sun to keep the outer planets from entering the inner Terrestrial planets. The Asteroids belt is maintained and heavily guarded by several dwarf planets such as Ceres and vesta just to name a few.
-What is the Kuiper’s Belt? Another larger and stronger barrier made by the Sun to prevent harmful and unwanted creatures from entering his domain. This belt is maintained by Eris, Makemake and Haumea just to name a few.
-Why is the asteroids belt cut between Mars and Jupiter? In this story, Jupiter hates the Sun…and will stop at nothing to see to it that the Sun is destroyed and the remaining planets revolves around him. In short, Jupiter wants to be the king of the solar system. The Asteroids belt was created by the Sun to make sure that Jupiter doesn’t accomplish his objective to cause mayhem towards the inner planets and himself.
-What will happen if a character dies? In this story it can take a lot for someone to die for they are their living planets. Either of old age OR if they are destroyed by some great impact, for example an asteroid hitting hit. These characters are semi immortal in most cases. Yet there is another massive way how they can meet their true faiths of death….and that’s if and when the Sun reaches its final stage of life and dies off, causing a super nova. And if that character is destroyed or killed in some way, their planet/moon will be destroyed as well.
-Does these character actually live on their own planets? Yes as a matter of fact they all do ^^
-Why is the asteroids belt cut between Mars and Jupiter? In this story, Jupiter hates the Sun…and will stop at nothing to see to it that the Sun is destroyed and the remaining planets revolves around him. In short, Jupiter wants to be the king of the solar system. The Asteroids belt was created by the Sun to make sure that Jupiter doesn’t accomplish his objective to cause mayhem towards the inner planets and himself.
-Tell me about the characters designs in costumes? Well for the most part I was trying to customize each individual characters outfits and color schemes to match their actual planets features colors. For those character I have designed with random colors or looks, it’s because either I don’t know much about that planet or moons features; OR there is not enough information provided for me to make it exact determination on ones custom.

More information is still in the works! But I hope alot of this helps! If you have any questions about this group or even about the story, please feel free to leave a note to our group ^^

Thank you!

Welcome to Celestial Ring

The listed characters with a "?" Indicates I have either not
create them yet or I haven't gotten the chance to color them.
It will be updated frequently!

Gallery Folders

Celestial Ring_2nd Contest winner_Psamathe by Miss-TaDa
*. [CR Contest Prize - Chibi Psamathe] .* by Xxlove-melodyxX
*. [CR Contest Prize - Chibi Neso ].* by Xxlove-melodyxX
Commission for Miss-tada by inma
CR entry Fenrir by Drake-Constantine
Elara Celestial-Ring Contest Entry (Minor Edits) by VioletDiamonds22
NEW MOON: Cordelia by ReinaMuerte
EDITED- contest entry : Phoebe and Halimede by galaatear
Celestial Stars
Celestial Ring_The Sun by Miss-TaDa
As The Sun (A Mighty Star) by Miss-TaDa
Concept work_The Sun Colored by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Planets
Celestial Ring_As Saturn by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_As Neptune by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_As Venus by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_As Earth by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Dwarfs
Celestial Ring_Pluto by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_As Ceres by Miss-TaDa
CR_Makemake (The Dwarf) by Miss-TaDa
As Vesta (Lone Dwarf) by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Moons
CR The New Moons .03 by Miss-TaDa
CR The New Moons .02 by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_As Neso (Neptune's Moon) by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring _As Ganymede by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Comets and Asteroids
Celestial Ring_As Titus by Miss-TaDa
Celestial Ring_Chariklo by Miss-TaDa
P/2013 P5 (The six tailed comet) by Miss-TaDa
2002 VE68 (Quasi-satellite of Venus) by Miss-TaDa
Original Art Works
Earth's Flow by Miss-TaDa
- Larissa B - by Miss-TaDa
Color Mee_Despina by Miss-TaDa
Color Mee_Enceladus by Miss-TaDa
Landscape and Scenery
Neptune Scenery Concept art #1 by Miss-TaDa
Venus Scenery Concept art#1 by Miss-TaDa
Mercury scenery Concept art #1_Underground by Miss-TaDa
Earth Scenery Concept art #1 by Miss-TaDa
Official Manga
The Legend Of Neptune (Prologue 22 End) by Miss-TaDa
The Legend Of Neptune (Prologue 21) by Miss-TaDa
The Legend Of Neptune (Prologue 20) by Miss-TaDa
The Legend Of Neptune (Prologue 18-19) by Miss-TaDa
Members Celestial Ring OC's
Chibi Riot by D-structive
Sabal by Jonot
. Ixa . by Xxlove-melodyxX
Atlas and Pleione by Tsukinekoi
Mount Guardians
Van_Dyson by Kiliky-Girl
AsteroidBull_LineArt by Kiliky-Girl
Mars_DesertHorseAlive_LineArt by Kiliky-Girl
SolarDragon_ReDesign by Kiliky-Girl
Fan Arts
. Chibi Venus . by Xxlove-melodyxX
. Chibi Enceladus . by Xxlove-melodyxX
[Collab] Enceladus by Buninou
[Collab] Despina by Buninou
Fan Fictions
Celestial Ring RP
Regis by TNLEgraphics
Nemesis by TNLEgraphics
R.P. Melantha by Jonot
RP-Echo by Jonot
Contest OC folder
Theia (Celestial Ring OC Contest Entry) by haleyblue304
Alright deviants, some of you have most likely noticed that we don't have the chat folder up. This is an oops that we are hoping to fix here as soon as we can. Till we have it up and running again here is the link for the group chat room:…

Also there are some rules when using the chat room. Here is a link for the basic info for the RP chat room:…

Any questions or concerns just let us know in the comment section or note the admin.
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